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Peak Fitness Transformation Plan

It's more than a workout, make friends while getting fitter!

Who is the Peak Transformation program suitable for?

It’s suitable for beginners (both men and women) who are serious about getting fit and want to:

  • Lose or gain weight

  • Gain strength & tone up

  • Build lean athletic muscle

  • Increase energy & wellbeing

  • Maintain weight loss

Our Plan

  • Free Consultation

  • Nutritional / Dietary Programme

  • Nutritional Support & Advice

  • Unlimited offline classes (COVID-19 Dependant)

  • Access to online classes - be part of the group or workout at a time that suits you

  • Peak Transformation WhatsApp Group (private) to inspire and motivate one another

Our Classes

  • Variety of classes (no two are the same!) to make sure you always have a challenge

  • HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) to speed up your metabolism and burn fat fast

  • Cardio Kettlebells/BoxFit to improve your fitness level and increase your energy levels

  • Strength & Conditioning to dramatically improve muscle definition over a short period of time.

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